We are writing to strongly commend Chantilly Homes and herald Tom Lierman’s many admirable qualities. When we decided to build our home, we researched and evaluated the builders in our area. We had several meetings with numerous candidates and Chantilly Homes was our clear choice. Not only is Tom extremely cooperative and open-minded, he is resolute in his insistence on quality workmanship. Tom’s ability to coordinate, manage and communicate was ever present and gave us piece of mind. We utilized a professional decorator and her and Tom collaborated wonderfully.

Unlike many horror stories where builders and homeowners are not speaking at the end of the building process, we are thrilled with the results and have recommended Tom’s services to many friends.
S.B., Attorney at Law

I have known Tom Lierman for almost (30) years in a professional capacity.
My first involvement with Tom was at U.S. Home Corporation. He was Vice President of Purchasing and I was his window supplier. Time moved forward with Tom forming Chantilly Home & Development Company. I continued to handle Tom’s window requirements and am still doing so today.
I have always found Tom to be very professional, extremely detail oriented, totally “on top of all work” and very knowledgeable about construction.
I unequivocally recommend Tom Lierman. What he brings to the table will be a total benefit to your company or project.
Please contact me at the above noted number for a confidential discussion of this man.
Yours very truly,
P.T.C. Sr, CEO
Largo, Fl

I first met Tom Lierman through my sister-in-law who was building a home with Tom’s company in the year 2000. I was extremely impressed with his supervision of the job

and his attention to detail through the design stage and construction. The lot that my sister-in-law was purchasing had some difficult constraints and Tom did an amazing job of creating a beautiful, functional home that satisfied her needs.
So naturally when I purchased an oddly-shaped trapezoidal parcel in Treasure Island, Florida for the development of townhomes, I thought of Tom. Tom worked closely with the architect during the design stage providing invaluable input, detailed dimensioning, and improvements to the exterior elevations on this 3-story structure. He turned the court yard into an oasis with his free-form pool and spa design. He worked relentlessly with the Engineer of Record to resolve structural issues, and with the final buyers who had purchased units, to satisfy their every whim.
Tom is an extremely dedicated, hardworking individual who perseveres through any situation to insure that you will get the best product possible.
I strongly recommend Chantilly Homes for your next job.
R.S., PE

I have known Tom Lierman and have supplied floor covering to his company since 1981, and during those 30+ years I must agree that while he has always been a great contractor and his company a great payer of bills, his obsession with quality has been a thorn in my side. He always expects & demands perfection, almost to the point of being fanatical. But, as a result of him being so critical of the work and wanting perfection, it has really made us better subcontractors.
My installers always used to say, “This is the guy who thinks that every home he builds is a multi-million dollar home. He is so demanding.” However, they learned soon enough that he was not going to settle for anything less than perfection or near perfection!
Further, Tom is one of the few builders that I know who remains friends with every one of his customers even after their homes have long been completed, which is pretty amazing in itself. I know of several customers who even came back to have him build a second home, and of a doctor & his wife who over time had built three homes with Tom. I do not have too much more to say because the facts say it all, and the fact that most every customer Tom has ever dealt with has nothing but the highest praise for him is the greatest reference he could have.
If anybody would like to talk with me about my experience with Chantilly Homes, feel free to contact me. I am so proud to have worked for Tom for so many years. He has made us a better subcontractor and we will always be indebted to him.
Make it a great day,
Largo, Fl

Upon my decision to retire from General Motors and relocate to the west coast of Florida, we underwent a search for homes in the Tampa Bay area. After viewing many home in Pinellas County and not finding our dream home, our real estate agent mentioned a builder that specialized in building custom-built homes. When visiting one of the Chantilly Homes’ models, we were very impressed with the quality and workmanship that we saw. We met with Mr. Lierman and liked the idea that he, the contractor, actually supervised the daily progress of his workers. This gave us great piece of mind since we would be returning up north to ready ourselves for retirement.
During the construction process, we periodically were able to visit and see the progress being made on our home. By seeing firsthand the quality of workmanship that Mr. Lierman demanded of his workers and his dedication to his work, we knew that we had hired a hardworking and conscientious builder. This was ever so apparent during the final builder walk-through, when we found only very minor touch up items that required attention.
After settling into our new home, I began working with one of Mr. Lierman’s sub-contractors who did finish carpentry to fill my idol time. One of the first things that Mr. Lierman stated to us was the importance of quality work that he expected to be performed while working for him & his company. There were times while working for Mr. Lierman that some of the workmanship seemed perfect to me, however, his standard of quality far exceeded that of mine. In turn this gave me the reassurance of the conscientious work that Mr. Lierman is known for and has built his reputation upon.
G.F. and S.F.
Seminole, Fl

Long before I contracted with Tom Lierman of Chantilly Homes to build my current residence, I was a fan of his product. While working with Tom, I found him to be honest, dedicated, accurate, punctual, hardworking, and a man of his word.
He has a fine eye for detail and can find flaws in craftsmanship before they become a problem. Most often he is the first to arrive and the last to leave a job site. His organizational skills allow him to efficiently handle many projects at once.
In the future should I ever need a contractor, Chantilly Homes would definitely receive my business. Please contact me should you desire any further information.
D.L., Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

Tom Lierman of Chantilly Homes has helped my wife and I build two homes. Tom came highly recommended from prior clients of his, who were business associates of mine. Tom is a complete professional and stands behind his every word. Our ideas along with Tom’s sense of design and construction knowledge culminated with the completion of two beautiful homes. Tom never let the costs get away from us and there were no bad surprises….. only good ones.
We also liked the fact that Tom was involved in the project as much as we were. It is obvious that Tom enjoys building attractive buildings and derives as much satisfaction as the homeowner. Tom was also there for us years later when we needed suggestions for any repairs, improvements, and subcontractor referrals. Please feel free to contact me at any time regarding Chantilly Homes and Tom Lierman.
Kind regards,
M.S., Antiques & Collectables Specialist